Crafty B Roadster

Project Description

The car started as an old show-drag car when I got it about 10 years ago. Nosebleed stance with an all chome Mordrop axle running an old fuel injected Olds. The doors had been welded shut and the floor was gone. It was painted candy red and the rear fenders were welded on the rear. She was rough but that made the comeback even better.

Project Owner

Owner/Builders  Kirk Brown
Car Designer  Kirk Brown
City, State  Byron Center, MI
Social Links
Instagram:  @_craftyb_
Facebook: Kirk Brown

Car Specs

Year/Model  1932 Roadster
Body Type  Ford Steel Body
Chassis  Ford
Engine Specs  Early small back Chevy
Brakes  1940 Ford

Wheels  Front: 16x4 Ford / Rear: 16x4 Ford
Tires  Front: Firestone 500 x16 / Rear: Firestone 700 x 16
Paint  Aquarius Blue
Interior  Donelle Brown (The Stitch)
Body / Metal Work  Kirk Brown

The Start



About the Build

What led you to build this specific car?
It was a bucket list thing. I also wanted to design a car that would showcase my custom sandcasted parts.

Are you a professional car builder?
Yes, at Crafty B Nostalgic Speed.

How long did the build take? (from zero to riding the car)
13 Months.

Other than yourself, whom else did you find invaluable as a relationship to make the car a reality?
Nothing inspires more then my wife, Donelle (TheStitch).

How often do you use the car?
We have a lot of projects going on but we tend to ride the car as often as possible.

When showing the car what do you tend to point out the most?
I mostly tend to point out the handmade parts. People normally are curious about all the different aluminum pieces.

What part of the build results surprised you the most?
Despite all the castings, the car came together relatively quickly.

What part of the build turned out to be so hard you’d avoid it in the future?
The custom windshield, for sure.

What wisdom gained from your build experience would you offer to someone considering building a car like yours.
Don’t get discouraged. Give it your best and keep going until you like what you see.

Closer Look

Photo Credits:  Kirk Brown

Share Your 32 Ride

If you own a 1926-1932 fenderless, highboy/vintage styled car and would like to share your build experience with the Fuel32 tribe, send us an email with a short description and a few car pics for review. We're always looking to celebrate the success of the vintage car craftsmen.

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