Hollenbeck AMBR Roadster

Project Description

This car was purchased as a project that someone had started and never finished. We wanted a traditional looking car that was a bit different. We knew we wanted an “ugly” traditional color that was timeless, with a bunch of cool accessories on it.

We finished the car to make a trip to the Lone Star Roundup in 2015. We never planned on competing for the Americas Most Beautiful Roadster. We decided to show the car in 2016 for the AMBR class, the car had almost 10,000 miles on it when we enetered it in the show. We were overjoyed with the win of the AMBR 2016. We have continued to drive the car to numerous car shows and to Deuce Days in Victoria BC that summer.

Project Owner

Owner/Builders  Darryl & Terri Hollenbeck
Car Designer  Darryl & Terri
City, State  Concord, CA
Social Links
Instagram:  @VintageColorStudio
Facebook: Darryl Hollenbeck
Website: vintagecolorstudio.com

Car Specs

Builder/s  Chassis Fabrication by Cory Taulbert & Dan Webb
Year/Model  1932 Highboy Roadster
Body Type  Brookville
Chassis  1932 Ford Repro. Step-boxed framerails by So-Cal Speed Shop, Custom fab flattened front crossmember 40′ Ford X-member trimmed for clearance, Fabrication by Cory Taulbert & Dan Webb
Engine Specs  Edelbrock 350 cid 380hp smallblock chevy, 2xEdelbrock 4bbl carbs
Brakes  Ft/Bk 1939 Lincoln-style drum brakes, MT Products, Mustang dual-reservoir master cylinder

Wheels  Front: 16x4″ early Ford steel wheels / Rear: Rear-18x41/2″ milk truck style aluminum wheels, Cal Custom accessories. baby moon hubcaps
Tires  Front: 5.00/5.25- 16″ Coker repro Firestone bias ply / Rear: 700-18″ Coker repro Firestone bias ply
Paint  PPG Envirobase , Custom mix “Rotten Avacado Green”, Paintwork by Darryl Hollenbeck
Interior  Sid Chavers custom interior & Bop Top
Body / Metal Work  Body and Paint work by Darryl Hollenbeck of Vintage Color Studio

The Start



About the Build

What led you to build this specific car?
We borrowed a friends roadster in 2012 and drove 17 days around the country and knew we wanted one of our own.

Are you a professional car builder?
No. Custom car painter.

How long did the build take? (from zero to riding the car)
We had the car for about 3 years, but the actual build took approximately 1 year.

Other than yourself, whom else did you find invaluable as a relationship to make the car a reality?
It was a team effort the whole way through. From the chassis work to the finished assembly we had many friends helping along the way.

How often do you use the car?
Since completion in April 2015, we have put about 15,000 miles on the car.

When showing the car what do you tend to point out the most?
The subtle color and the interesting lack of chrome. Cool details like the door handles and tail lights. The custom shift knob is made up of over 30 years of paint drippings on the family bodyshop floor.

What part of the build results surprised you the most?
Trying to pick the perfect color was the hardest part!

What part of the build turned out to be so hard you’d avoid it in the future?
None in particular.

What wisdom gained from your build experience would you offer to someone considering building a car like yours.
Build what you like, paint like you want it and don’t conform to what everyone else thinks is cool.

Closer Look

Photo Credits:  Darryl Hollenbeck, HotRod MagazineThe Shop Magazine

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