Hello. I’m George.

Cars. Creative. Curation. Community.

I remember going to car shows as a kid and being in awe how someone could take a regular car and transform it into a work of art. I would get so excited standing there staring at wild paint schemes, the chrome wheels and fat tires, giant engines poking through hoods and oh those ’32, open wheel highboys! Who could resist? All the hard work those guys put into their machines was the fuel to my design fire.

Those days led to saving pennies to buy cheap cars, swapping engines, and racing along Miami’s highways. Couldn’t wait for my copies of HotRod and StreetRodder magazine to hit the mailbox to flip though their pages and soak in the inspiration. I would then buy plastic model cars and customize them to have my dream cars on the shelf.

Many years have gone by since, but my appreciation for customs has not changed. As Creative Director of a digital company, my daily revolves around design and technology. I must understand problems and provide the appropriate custom visual solutions… much like car builders and fabricators. Their tools happen to be wrenches and arch welders, mine are computers and software.

With my hand in so much tech, Instagram was a great source for all kinds of inspiration. I found all sorts of feeds to follow. Fine artist, designers, architects, typographers and car builders. Well, I found myself in the same place like when I was flipping through those car magazines… day dreaming. But now, instead of building model cars, I simply began to use Instagram to curate and catalog 32 highboys (or like) as a personal collection and source of inspiration. Little did I know that I would end up surrounded by such an incredibly friendly, supportive and passionate community.

Fuel32 began as a simple personal project. Once public, it quickly connected with an incredible global community. This digital tribe includes, professional car designers, fabricators, pro and home builders, owners, photographers, artist, and of course, day dreamers.

Fueling The Dream
This website is also an extension of who I am. As a designer, I like creating products I enjoy using myself. This is a space where I get to share with everyone products that I design. When someone buys something from this site, it provides support to keep the feed going, the website maintained and whatever is left goes straight to piggy bank. This piggy bank is holding the means by which to fund my dream ’32 build in hopes that it would be an inspiration to others. Can’t wait!

Many thanks to all for your friendship and support.